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Types of plastic signs

Engraved Plastic Signs Normally, when we think of engraving, we think of precious metals like gold, or dignified materials like granite. But plastic signs can be engraved too. These nameplates have the advantage of being easy to switch in and out, perfect for an office that gets occasional turnover, or where staff share a number of offices from day to day.

Printable Signs Some sign companies offer free printable signs, like this be careful sign, and plastic holders can make for a quick and economical solution if you need to switch signs frequently, or are labeling a temporary situation. Just print your new sign whenever you need it, slide it into the plastic pocket, and you're done. There are drawbacks, though — these signs aren't as attractive as a real plastic sign, they're relatively easy to deface, and are only as sturdy as the paper you print them on.

Screen Printed Plastic Signs Plastic signs are either engraved, giving them a palpable texture, or they're screen-printed below the surface and covered with a clear protective layer. Screen printing typically results in tougher signs than inks on plastic, where they tend to scratch off if exposed to the elements for any significant period of time.

Affixing Plastic Signs There are two common methods for affixing plastic signs to surfaces: adhesive backing and screws. Adhesives can be highly effective, even in difficult conditions, but granular, rough surfaces like brick and masonry usually make adhesion difficult.

Braille Signage Acrylic and other polymers do more than their fair share of work when it comes to compliance and wayfinding signs. Most indoor signage labeling restrooms, noting room numbers and marking exits are made of sturdy plastic. Braille signs, as required by the Americans with Disabilities Act, is almost always plastic with good reason — plastic is easier than metal to mold into raised braille lettering.
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