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Plastic floor signs: unsung heroes

Sometimes a bit of brightly colored plastic can mean the difference between serious injury and just another day on the job. Whether it's environmental dangers from asbestos removal, an escalator that's out of service, or a slippery ice patch during inclement weather, it's easy avert a potential disaster before it ever happens by using foldable, high-impact plastic floor signs to keep your visitors and workers on their toes and off the floor.

Awareness is the key to accident prevention. These hard-working plastic floor signs are always on duty, sending invaluable messages to be alert to existing hazards. They're not just helpful — they're the law. The Occupational Safety & Health Administration requires accident prevention signs be present and clearly visible whenever a potential danger exists, in any environment where work is being performed.

In the workplace, plastic floor signs can alert workers to unsafe floor conditions and help reduce the number of slip, trip and fall(STF) accidents. STF accidents are the third most frequent cause of workplace injuries, and the number one cause of lost days from work, resulting in injuries costing an estimated $13–14 million annually in the United States. Now you see how one small sign can be a big, big deal.

Workplace plastic floor safety signs are color coded to clearly communicate the level of potential danger, a further recommendation made by OSHA. For instance, while not specifically mandated, these recommendations call for caution signs, which denote a potential danger (i.e. warning workers or the public of wet floors, wet paint or tripping hazards) that could result in minor to moderate injury (such as bruising or sprains) to have yellow with black (or other contrasting) lettering. Similarly, danger indicating a situation that presents potential for serious injury or death, as well as prohibition signs ("Do not Enter" or "No Smoking"), are set apart by their white background and black lettering or similar contrast.

Employers can easily promote a safer work environment by properly using double-sided plastic floor signs. Signage companies offer heavy-duty, freestanding signs pre-designed for dozens of common potential hazards. Customization options are also available for less common, industry-specific warnings, such as a particular chemical presence and other toxic hazards. Constructed of impact-resistant plastic, these floor signs are reinforced with ribbing for extra durability — high performance construction for even the most demanding industrial environment. And because they don't require tools or supports for installation, these self-supported floor signs are simple to set up at a moment's notice. Built-in, easy grip handles make them just as easy to carry or relocate. And because the heavy-duty plastic withstands moisture and abrasion, your important safety message will stay intact and keep your workers and patrons safe, time after time.

Plastic Wet Floor Signs
Slip, trip and fall accidents are the third most frequent cause of workplace injuries, and the number one cause of lost days from work.Resulting injuries cost an estimated $13–14 million annually in the United States.
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