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Engraved plastic — a practical elegance

While you might not immediately associate the word elegance with plastic, you'll find that when it comes to professional, sophisticated or stylish, plastic is in. When the impression matters as much as the message, from hotel lobbies to the desks of corporate CEOs, engraved plastic signage is the perfect blend of the practical with the elegant — all while providing flexibility by offering options to embrace your own personal flair or to cohesively express a company brand.

Table top with a message
A subtle plastic sign can reserve a spot for VIP guests, gently break it to the smokers that there are no butts allowed, or invite your hotel guests to join in your eco-friendly endeavors. By placing engraved table top signs, matched to your interior decor, you can send just the right message. Sign companies offer dozens of pre-designed options in tent shapes or L-shapes to help you get your table-top message across in style, whether you're announcing a cell phone-free environment or saying, "next window, please." And there's always the option to fully customize your signs. Engraved table top signage is customizable with a variety of colors and your own personal message. What's more, it's not just a pretty face. The elegance of engraved plastic belies its durability. Tough enough to last in even the most hands-on environments, its resistance to showing wear and tear make it perfect for high-traffic lobbies and waiting rooms.

Wayfinding with style
Believe it or not, there's an art to helping people get where they need to go — or keeping them from going where they shouldn't. In the built environment, even the most high-end hotel or glamorous metropolitan museum must strike a delicate balance between making signage clear and purposeful, and making it beautiful.

Wall signs
Long-lasting, economical and available in different shapes and a sophisticated palette of colors (think azure blue, brushed gold or light walnut), engraved plastic signage has become the go-to solution in providing environmental direction, while maintaining a well-defined sense of style and brand. With screen printed lettering and graphics under a thick acrylic plate, plastic signage is incredibly durable and holds up beautifully under the pressure of public use. While elegantly beveled edges make engraved signage beautiful, the high-contrast lettering makes it easy to identify and follow. Signage companies provide a wide range of commonly-used wall signage, offering over 500 designs to choose from, as well as custom options for expressing the company brand — while keeping visitors headed in the right direction.

Corridor Signs
When the message is particularly important, whether in directing traffic to high-use areas or in case of an emergency, corridor signs are the easy-to-spot answer. Economical to personalize and cleanly mounted with wall brackets, corridor signage complements established interior decor while making signage readable from either direction in a long corridor on a corporate or educational campus.

Engraved Signs
Engraved signs lend nameplates a little extra dignity, but they're also perfect for instructions.
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