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Advantages of plastic signs

The flexible, moldable, bendable nature of plastic is responsible for its prominence in the marketplace and its popularity as a go-to material for signage. While official signage (stop signs, road markers, street signs, etc) are typically still made of aluminum, but the average consumer is more likely to use plastic signs.

  • For starters, it's just plain cheaper. Cost effectiveness isn't a fad or a hot topic — business and home owners who need a quality product at a reasonable price will want to consider plastic signage.

  • Plastic signs are easy to customize. Produced on printable vinyl, plastic signs have seemingly endless options in colors, fonts and shapes. Not limited by molds and patterns, today's flexible plastic signage is easily cut into just about any shape, even 3D.

  • Like cost effective signage, projecting or 3D signage isn't a fad, either. With greater visual impact, projecting signage can make a big difference where increased visibility is important — an option that's not available with traditional metal signage. Projecting signage indicating a tornado shelter, for instance, provides direction that can be seen from multiple angles, potentially crucial in an emergency situation.

  • It's simple to install. Lightweight, rigid plastic signs can be mounted just about anywhere. With simple tools (likely already in a homeowner's toolbox), installation involves simply drilling signage directly into the wall, without any cumbersome mounting hardware, large posts or bases.

  • It's safe. Acrylic plastic signage is shatter proof. Even under heavy pressure or a sudden blow, there is no worry of dangerous shards —aattribute that makes plastic signage particularly popular with schools, homes or businesses where children may be present.

  • It lasts. Plastic signage stands up to the elements and stores well, without the risk of rust, corrosion or rot, keeping replacement costs down.
Custom Plastic Signs
Some sign printers use industrial ink jet printers on plastic surfaces, but this typically results in signs that fade quickly in weather. Subsurface screen printing, covered with a clear protective layer, produces more lasting results.
Corrugated Plastic Signs
This sign has a laminate on the back that cracks and warps when exposed to sunlight for long stretches — surely a serious design flaw. Make certain that your plastic signs are as robust as you need them to be, and are rated for prolonged outdoor use.
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